Driverless cars will cause deaths in testing stages

Driverless cars will cause deaths in testing stages

The former head of road safety in the USA has warned that some people will be killed in the early stages of testing driverless cars.

Dr Mark Rosekind served as administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration under President Obama.

He spoke to the BBC Radio 4’ You and Yours about the potential pitfalls of the introduction of driverless cars in the future.

Dr Rosekind said: “Nobody should ever say that this will be perfect. Unfortunately there will be crashes, people will get hurt, and there will be some lives lost.”

He went on to explain that the goal of driverless cars must be to eliminate deaths caused by human errors, such as drink driving, distracted drivers, and drowsy drivers.

Dr Rosekind continued: “94% of crashes are the human, so whatever we can do to eliminate that, is going to give us a much safer, potentially zero, and that is what we should be focusing on, zero deaths on our roads thanks to this technology.”

You can listen to Dr Rosekind’s comments in the video below.