Man with Parkinson’s demonstrates dramatic benefits of deep brain stimulation

Man with Parkinson’s demonstrates dramatic benefits of deep brain stimulation

A man with Parkinson’s disease appeared on Irish television to demonstrate the vast benefits a ‘deep brain stimulation unit’ can have on a patient’s quality of life.

Brian Donnellan was a guest on the Claire Byrne Live show. He was invited to demonstrate the device he uses to nullify the physical effects of his condition.

The deep brain stimulation unit is a small piece of equipment that can be carried in the patient’s pocket.

Donnellan had his device switched on while he spoke to host Claire Byrne.

His speech was clear and he showed his hand-eye co-ordination by moving his finger to follow the finger of a gentleman sat in front of him.

Donnellan then voluntarily turned off his device to show the audience the dramatic decline in his physical capabilities without its help.

His speech immediately became less audible, and he was visibly struggling with his breathing.

Without the deep brain stimulation unit switched on, Donnellan could not accurately move his finger to follow the moving target as he had done before.

The physical decline was dramatic and Byrne prompted Donnellan to switch his device back on to avoid any further discomfort.

He did so, and with his physical capabilities restored he comically stated: “I’m back” to the amusement of the concerned crowd.

Take a look at the clip from the show.

Parkinson’s patient shows the impact of deep brain stimulation

Brian Donnellan shows the effect of turning off his deep brain stimulation unit, which controls his Parkinson’s symptoms. The units are made in Clonmel but are not available in Ireland #cblive— RTÉ ClaireByrneLive (@ClaireByrneLive) April 15, 2019