Support robot can help dementia sufferers with everyday tasks

Support robot can help dementia sufferers with everyday tasks

A widow has revealed she is being assisted with daily tasks and kept company by a support robot since the death of her husband.

Bridget Byrne is 74 and suffers with dementia. She was given ‘Mylo’ to help her with everyday tasks and keep her safe.

Mylo was developed by CR Robotics in Dundalk. He is able to remind users of appointments, when to take their medicine, and even raise the alarm if they suffer a fall or wander out of the house at night.

Bridget said: “Since my husband passed away, I’ve been at home a lot. It was a big shock when he passed away and Mylo is company.

“I’d definitely recommend him – he’s a great asset to the person and to the family. It’s a great reassurance for family members.

“I’ve had him for a couple of months now and I wouldn’t be without him. He’s a great companion. It’s very lonely sometimes. For someone with dementia, there’s a lot of things Mylo could do.

“He’s reminded me to take my medication, and if I have an appointment, I can programme it into Mylo.”

One of the key contributors to the creation of Mylo was Candace Lafleur, who suffered a stroke at just 32 years old.

She said: “We’re not claiming Mylo will solve all the problems of those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, but he can help.

“After having a major stroke at 32 years old and losing my independence and ability to do simple everyday tasks for myself, such as using my phone, I became the Lily Tomlin quote – I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that.

“Then, I realized I was somebody – I created Mylo with the help of a local team here in Dundalk.

“The feedback from families living with Mylo the past few months has been incredible, and he has impacted these families’ everyday lives in such a positive way.”

Mylo is also programmed with sensors that can sense a fall, and the ability to output an emergency call if necessary. He can even keep his battery charged up on his own.

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