Edwin Collins discusses life after two strokes left him unable to speak

Edwin Collins

Scottish star Edwin Collins has revealed that he would be lost without music as he discussed life after suffering a stroke.

The Orange Juice singer and solo star made the comments in a candid interview with BBC Scotland.

He suffered from two huge strokes in 2005 which left him without the ability to speak.

He subsequently underwent a rehabilitation period for several months before resuming his music career.

Collins said: “Music is my life, my passion, my energy. I was so pleased doing Top of the Pops.”

He went on to describe how music is a form of therapy for him and that he still creates in his studio every day. He says he finds both drawing and music to be key forms of therapy for him.

He said: “Six months in the hospital, I couldn’t say a word. I used therapy to help me get better. I was so fluent before my stroke and now its difficult to get the message across.  

“I start my day at nine o clock in the morning, off to the studio. Climb 105 stairs to the studio. I’ve got a big collection of microphones, 60 at least.

“Drawing and sketching is good for my soul.”

The ‘A Girl Like You’ star paid tribute to his wife who he said has been vital to his continuing recovery and rehabilitation.

He said: “Grace, my wife, helped me along the way. She’s possibly an angel.

“I was the same man after my stroke but its difficult to get the words right. Without music I’m lost.”

Take a look at the video below.