Could your firm help develop technology to locate hazardous biological agents?

Hazardous material

UK companies and organisations are invited to compete for funding to develop new ways to detect and locate hazardous biological agents deposited.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is launching the competition to seek ideas for innovative technologies that provide an improved way to deal with dangerous agents in the field, in real-time.

The ultimate aim is for a fieldable system that would detect and report without users (including trained military specialists and civilian first line responders) coming into close contact with the hazard.

By detecting these hazards as early as possible and remotely, this will enable users to safely avoid areas and highlight in real-time where decontamination procedures need to take place.

This competition has an initial budget of £500k for Phase 1. Additional funding is anticipated to be available for future phases of this competition.

Further details about the competition are in the summary document.

The competition will close at 1pm on 7 November 2018. Details on how to apply will be included in the full competition document which will be available soon. If you have any queries on this competition, please do contact us at or sign up for alerts.

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