Almost half of us resent a colleague who regularly turns up late

businesswoman late

People who regularly turn up late for work are secretly hated by almost half of their colleagues, according to data from an employment website.

Irish site revealed that around 46% of workers resent a college who displays such poor time keeping day after day.

This animosity can lead to a negative atmosphere in the workplace and become detrimental to both productivity and morale.

While there could be a number of reasonable reasons a person could arrive late for work, such as dentist appointment or a school run, there are also issues that many people are not sympathetic towards.

The three most common excuses for being late were;

• Heavy traffic (59%),
• Oversleeping (33%)
• Weather (26%)

Many workers believe that these issues should not keep coming up. If something such as heavy traffic has caused a person to turn up late for work they think the person should compensate for that by starting to leave their home earlier.

General Manager of Chris Paye said employers need to keep on top of the situation and to consider that there could be many reasons why a worker might turn up late.

He said: “To address lateness in the workplace, each employer must attempt to understand the core reasons why their employees are not arriving to work on time.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and every lateness policy should cater to the needs of each individual workforce in order to be effective.

“The importance of implementation of clear and precise policies in the workplace on matters like lateness ensures that everyone is aware of the expectations of their employer, reducing conflict and creating a harmonious and productive work environment.”